Entertainment in Miami

Looking for a new way to make that boring corporate event fun and exciting? Are you helping a bride plan her reception and she does not want just any boring old DJ? We got you covered, we’ll make that special event something that anyone attending will never forget!

Club Gogo Dancers

For any type of music event or nightclub party, our professional GoGo Dancers add high energy and sensuality to any size venue. We offer a variety of outfit styles to accommodate the costume preferences of our clients.


Vegas Showgirls

Add amazing energy and visual excitement to your party with Vegas Showgirls in fabulous feathered costumes! These girls are perfect to greet your event guests at the front door and also for that particular moment in your party when you need to spice things up a little bit.


Hire our Showgirls and give your guests the taste of classic Las Vegas in the most cutting-edge way possible.


Event Greeters

Hire our beautiful greeters to welcome guests at the main entrance. No matter what theme you have chosen for your social or corporate event, our costume designer will dress the greeters perfectly for the occasion.


Brazilian Samba Dancers

J&G Samba dancers can really set the pace of your event. These dancers add an element of excitement and such a positive energy! Your guests will be up dancing and enjoying the presence of these great entertainers.



Burlesque Performers

Our burlesque beauties perform in a professional live and interactive cabaret show filled with sex appeal, humor, talent and class. Our dancers are engaging and provocative and their show will make you feel like you’re on stage with them.



Under The Sea Beauties

If you are planning to have an under the sea theme party in Miami and want to make sure that your party is all that is talked about for days, then our Charming Mermaid, our 10ft Glowing Jellyfish, our Beautiful Reef Girls, and last but not least, our Roller Neon Stingrays are the perfect entertainment option for your event.


Body Painting Models & Artist

Body Painting Art is immediately eye catching and it’s an excellent way to promote your company, service product or even entertain your party guests. Our artist and models perform live bodypainting shows for corporate events, nightclubs, pool parties and more…



La Hora Loca Dancers & Performers

It’s time to dance!!! La Hora Loca (The Crazy Hour) Dancers and Performers are perfect to transform the party and put everyone in Carnaval mode. Ideal performers for the craziest hour of your event are: Samba Dancers, Cuban Rumberas, Stilt Walkers, LED Robots.


Circus Juggler

Professional Jugglers are perfect for any type of corporate event entertainment. These performers are a fantastic mix and mingle act and they happily move amongst your guests interacting and demonstrating their skills as they go.



Aerial Art by its very nature pushes the boundaries of physical limitation and bring new meaning to the elegance of effortlessness. Our aerial acts are a celebration of the human form in all of its grace, power and sexual bravery.


More Awesome Performers


LED Dancers

These dancers are an excellent form of LED entertainment, that perform explosive stage shows for events in South Florida! With an extremely detailed LED robotic suit, these performers dance, jump and boom excitement as a great addition to any club night or music event!

LED Dancers Miami Entertainment Events

Cuban Rumberas

When we speak of Cuban Music we cannot forget the Rumba and its Beautiful Rumberas. Wearing their typical outfits our Rumberas are the special ingredient for that particular moment in your party when you need to spice things up a little bit. Perfect for “La Hora Loca” at weddings…

Rumberas Miami Entertainment

Promotional Models

Hire our beautiful models to welcome and assist your guests at your venue entrance or use them to boost your sales by making your customers aware of new products.


promo girls miami

Fire Performers

This mesmerizing performance will leave your audience in wonder as the dancer and flame become one. Costumes, music, and skill are combined to create an unforgettable experience.

Miami Fire Dancer Entertainment

Champagne Skirt

Greet your guests with our lovely Champagne Skirt Girl as they arrive to your event! We carrie a big costume selection to match any party theme. Skirt holds up to 150 champagne glasses. We have used it holding cones with chocolate inside.

Champagne Girl Miami Entertainment Greeter

Stilt Walkers

Having a stilt walker is a great way to entertain large volumes of people, without setting up a stage! If you want to capture the attention and curiosity of a large crowd, send in a stilt walker. The sheer height of someone on stilts immediately turns heads.

stilt walker in miami with gold wings

Charming Mermaids

Are you looking to fascinate your guests? Add a splash of magic to your party with our Charming Mermaids. As living statues, these romantic beauties bring fantasy to life. Perfect for pool parties, corporate events, birthdays, etc.

Mermaid Miami Entertainment

Strolling Table Girl

Greet your guests upon arrival with a gorgeous human strolling table serving glasses of bubbly champagne. Our glamorous tables can hand out items like place cards, name badges, candy, cigars, casino chips, programs and much more…

human table girl strolling

Roller Girls

Roller Girls are amazing performers for roving sets during events and festivals. Popular costumes for our roving skaters include Disco, 80’s rock and Football cheerleaders plus many more.

roller girls in miami

Cigar Girls

Our Cigar Girls can greet guest and walk around with a themed costume along with their Cigar Boxes. The boxes can be filled with whatever you’d like. Boxes can be customized as well.


cigar girls miami bot
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