Vegas Showgirls & Feathered Dancers in Miami

Add amazing energy and visual excitement to your party with Vegas Showgirls in fabulous feathered costumes! These girls are perfect to greet your event guests at the front door and also for that particular moment in your party when you need to spice things up a little bit.

Lovely event entertainers for a night to remember!

Our tall and beautiful showgirls are always the center of attention. Their performances, dances, and style are legendary and are an authentic tribute to the original Vegas showgirls.

Feathered Glamorous Dancers at your Event!

The twirls, kicks and sensuous seductiveness of our shows is true to showgirl form. Vegas, with all of its bright lights, intoxicating spirit and glamor can come to you for a night. The performances themselves are breathtaking, full of glitz, glamor and endless elegance. We bring this historic nightlife to you, here in Miami!

The Famous Vegas Glitz and Glam Entertainment, right here in Miami.

At parties, weddings and corporate gatherings, our showgirls are the best way to bring the audience to life. Dressed in flashy feathers, plunging necklines and rhinestone-covered bras, our showgirls always give a genuine performance every time. Taking the night by storm, our showgirls shine as bright as stars in their lavish costumes.

Whatever the theme or style of your next event, our showgirls are a perfect fit. They engage any audience in an almost magical experience. We can customize their entire routine and costumes as you wish, whether you want our showgirls to perform, act as greeters or simply stand as statuesque models.

The iconic style of grace and elegance

for any occasion.


The WOW factor

Are you Ready for FUN?

Take part in the luxury lifestyle by bringing Las Vegas showgirls to you. Audiences always appreciate the elegance and pageantry that comes with every performance. Having a “wow” moment like this at your event will keep people talking about it for years.

When preparing for your next party, consider adding cutting-edge entertainment to your plans. What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas but our sexy showgirls bring the signature Vegas glitz and the glam right to you.

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